ProteKt is my story that takes place in Guatemala, NY, and California.  My mother's lovely Guatemala is the backbone of all of Central Americas' economy, but the country's children depend on our support and investment to help keep their rich history and stories alive.

All photography provided by Mildred Brignoni

The Project ProteKt©

P-R-O-T-E-K-T {K stands for (K'ATUN) }  © Seven Letters - and the history of my past.

a story is shared through generations. ProteKt started as a personal journey which I documented while backpacking across central america. from curious to serious, my social media networks increased awareness around family, economy, and social/ cultural identities while uncovering my roots. 

Protekt reveals a complicated history and sometimes unspoken set of conversations of immigrants from 3rd world countries such as guatemala.  our story is based on my own life's journey, in hopeS to see the rewards of working towards social good for the sake of the future generations of latino americans here in the US AND ABROAD.  our unsung heroS are our women ENTREPRENEURS from places like guatemala, 

creating a story worth telling, protekt was my inspiration - the opportunity to bridge pride to our american Hispanic Heritage.

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Your support allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world.  We need partners that are willing to tell the positive side of the story of our Latinos in the US. We want investors that want to show the world that we are more than service personnel.  We want to start by sharing our story as an American story. 

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