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Our efforts will provide financial relief by purchasing an original Mildred Brignoni denim women's collection. 


Latina Influencer

Original denim collection by Mildred Brignoni are available for purchase with orders.  

5 styles to choose from our jeans made for women with curves and range in sizes 24-29.

Prices range from $200-$325 depending on style.

Minimum order of 1 jean item.

To meet our factor demands, we will need to meet a total of 25 individually placed orders (not all need to be by one purchaser) before we can produce your order.

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connecting our latino stories with the community we build together

  • Lifting our human connection.
  • Innovate VR production.
  • Delivering donations that rebuilds Latin America and Puerto Rico.
  • Building relationships.


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Project "ProteKt" is the story of my beautiful and vibrant culture = Latina Americans in the US. It is not only my story, it is a movement of ethical consciousness along sustainable travel and social responsibility. As a Guadarican  ( Guatemalan / Puerto Rican ) entrepreneur, I am providing my story, also shared by many, to help promote women entrepreneurs in 3rd world Latin America and our rich USA. 

PROJECT PROTEKT  celebrate indigenous Maya design coming soon on ProteKt Etsy.

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