20 year veteran of film and television, and now leading the technology industry with strategic social media, digital marketing in a combination of influencer program and paid advertising. 

Latina Influencer

Social Media Strategist for Film/TV/Online Content.




i connect culture with the community that believe in the stories we build together

  • Expertise to advice brands on personalizing content to find the human connection.
  • Create content that enables celebrating the opportunities available to audiences.
  • Innovate VR production with paid advertising to satisfy the audiences needs.
  • Delivering significant new thought leadership.
  • Structuring and strategizing paid/earned and owned social media.
  • Building relationships by negotiating brand advocates and influencer marketing.


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Project "ProteKt" is the story of my beautiful and vibrant culture = Latina Americans in the US. It is not only my story, it is a movement of ethical consciousness along sustainable travel and social responsibility. As a Guadarican  ( Guatemalan / Puerto Rican ) entrepreneur, I am providing my story, also shared by many, to help promote women entrepreneurs in 3rd world Latin America and our rich USA. 

PROJECT PROTEKT  celebrate indigenous Maya design coming soon on ProteKt Etsy.

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