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  • Strategies and analytics that ladders up to your goal.
  • Innovative technologies that measures up.
  • Resonating with audiences.
  • Building relationships.


CHCI (Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute)

NYFW ( New York Fashion Week)

Fox News

Sundance Film Festival

Palm Springs Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival 


THIRSTY - The Movie 

Low Budget Independent movie had a little press in local community, but needed the support of cast & crew to position itself as a progressive story for the ages regarding gender inequality.

Results: 5K impressions created favorable results


We strive to build stories surrounding a formidable organization- CHCI to share their effects on all of us Hispanics and our communities and that leaves a positive impression on the political and public policy makers.

Project "ProteKt" is the story of my beautiful and vibrant culture = Latina Americans in the US. It is not only my story, it is a movement of ethical consciousness along sustainable travel and social responsibility. As a Guadarican  ( Guatemalan / Puerto Rican ) entrepreneur, I am providing my story, also shared by many, to help promote women entrepreneurs in 3rd world Latin America and our rich USA. 

PROJECT PROTEKT  celebrate indigenous Maya design coming soon on ProteKt Etsy.

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