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“Smart, Results Oriented, and Fun”
— Joe Doran - Rallyverse on Angel.co
Bold Face Writer




Branded Entertainment

FHM magazine touted Mildred Brignoni for Costume Design and securing luxury designer: Byblos Clothing partnerships

We build client celebrity / endorsement across feature length motion picture: Independent motion picture WANNABES -Starring Joe Vitareli  800K in product placement = raised production value 


"Mildred's contribution to the film Wannabes included Sponsorship and Endorsement deals with third party designers and PR through high profiled publications and bringing distribution through ARTISAN."

Nicole Craig- Producer 

 WANNABES-Starring Joe Vitereli  = 40 Designers participated in Branded Entertainment

Built the USA presence in business development, secured WBB with MTV - Viacom TV distribution of brand message and partnership, succeeded in client acquisition - REDCATS secured social and SEO surrounding their direct marketing consumer business in the US.


“Mildred is a super positive, open and dedicated professional that never gives up and always see the bright side of the world. Curious she is always looking for innovation and she has a gift to get in touch with people.” February 1, 2010

Emmanuel Vivier, CEO & Cofounder, Vanksen


  • Creating Incredible Social Media , NYU Guest Lecturer see here on


Saralie Slonsky

Principal at SRS Communications

Mildred did a superb job as a guest speaker in my NYU/SCPS public relations workshop where I am an adjunct professor. The class loved her and more important everyone clearly learned a great deal from her. She instructed the class on Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies that were current, modern and very effective. The follow-up comments from the students were all...more

March 16, 2015

Thirsty - the Movie Director: Margo Pelletier

Producer:  Lisa Thomas - Thin Edge Films

"Mildred is a dynamo and gets things done. If you want results that you have no idea how to produce yourself, then bring Mildred on your team. With her you can't go wrong."

Lisa Thomas - Thin Edge Films


Time Out New York Jan-24'02

New York Times April'02

LA Times April'02

Variety April'02

FHM Magazine May'01

Vibe Magazine April'01

Urban Latino Magazine April'01

Dirty Work - Best plays 1994

 TV Appearances/Magazine press 

                           WE/ Lifetime Original Program, “I Can’t Believe I Wore That”.., [December 2006].

                            Swing Magazine, “Freelance Artists in their 20 something’s”.., [Feb, 1997].

                           W Magazine, “LA Cafe Culture”..., [1990].